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The Rhyming Book of Corporate Poetry The Rhyming Book of Corporate Poetry
by Maryann F. Lenzi
Price: $13.95
Pages: 104
Format: Perfect Bound Paperback
ISBN: 0-9711898-1-1
Page Size: 5½ x 8½
Availability: Available Now
Categories: Poetry, Corporate Satire
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The Rhyming Book of Corporate Poetry

Welcome to THE RHYMING BOOK OF CORPORATE POETRY. It contains such titles as: The Accountant, Dog-Eat-Dog World, A Fly On The Wall, Games, Greed, How To Prepare For A Career In Management, The Lunch Hour, The Merger, Money Makes The Corporate World Go ’Round, The Peter Principle, The Rat Race, The Revolving Door Syndrome, The Shareholders Pledge Of Allegiance, The Eight Beatitudes Of Corporate America, The Ten Commandments Of Corporate America, The Teflon Man, The Zipper Club, The Employees Memo Of Contrition and many more too numerous to mention.

THE RHYMING BOOK OF CORPORATE POETRY takes direct aim at the characters, illusions, and imagery of corporate America. Oftentimes humorous, yet even more often sarcastically witty, the poetry is sure to entertain as you see your coworkers and bosses depicted within the pages. Striking a blow to the very core of corporate hypocrisy, the verses contain the words you have always wanted to scream but never dared utter.

The author draws from her many years of experience on the front lines of corporate America and weaves them into the wonderful words of THE RHYMING BOOK OF CORPORATE POETRY. Poetry is, after all, the wine of life, and it is not often that we are able to take the time to sip from its cup, at least, not without a designated happy hour. So sit back, relax, and take a moment, or two, or even three to treat yourself to the words that follow. Hopefully, as many have done before, you will come to enjoy them.



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