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  What the critics say about Portraits Of My Life, Looking Back As An Adult Child Of Alcoholism 

“…Lenzi, through a veritable barrage of photographs, memories, affecting poetry and letters to her deceased father, takes readers on a perilous yet ultimately satisfying journey. Despite one’s expectations that a book such as this would be a downer, it is refreshingly upbeat. Perhaps it is Lenzi’s unusual approach. Perhaps it is her strength of spirit, her unsparing honesty, shining through. But the poignant memoir proceeds from darkness into light and does offer hope for the countless adult children of parents such as her father….”


Frank D. Quattrone, Ticket Editor
Montgomery Newspapers


“…If you are in search of a unique Poetic book of memoir that will inspire both children and adults then you need to read Portraits Of My Life, Looking Back As An Adult Child Of Alcoholism. Portraits…is a collection of 91 poems and 34 letters all with the messages of there is survival after living with an alcoholic family member.…” 


Orphialasertrella (Nikki) Taylor, Poetry Columnist
Philadelphia Tribune

  Publisher's Review  
  Maryann Lenzi’s first book, Portraits Of My Life, Looking Back As An Adult Child Of Alcoholism, is an inspirational memoir of letters and poetry about the relationship between a daughter and her alcoholic father.

In poignant and simplistic detail the book’s passages span forty-seven years of the author’s lifetime. Throughout her chronicle, Ms. Lenzi challenges an alcoholic father on how no one was ever safe from his intoxicating stronghold. Her confrontations span a wide range of subjects including the intricacies of the relationships between her father and herself, her mother and father and two half-brothers, and other family members and friends. Situational specifics include her father’s drunken rages during her childhood, his insane jealously of her suitors during her adolescent years, and later, his renouncing of alcohol. The author also confronts her father on how living with an alcoholic during her formative years provided an impetus for her own marriage to an alcoholic, and her own subsequent battle with alcohol.

The challenges included within the book are both what separate it from other volumes and what make the storyline work, with the latter being for several good reasons. The author deals with her problem by going directly to its source – her alcoholic parent. Miraculously, Ms. Lenzi has approached this difficult subject matter in such a sensitive and non-threatening way that neither the alcoholic nor the reader would ever be embarrassed by any of its passages. At the same time the passages are strong enough that a cathartic adventure is forced to occur. By dealing head-on with previously avoided and hurtful issues, the healing process is permitted to begin

People involved in a relationship with an alcoholic will take any and all courses of action to deliver themselves from their dilemma. Ms. Lenzi shows us how she found a very personal and loving way to deal with this problem.

Through Maryann Lenzi’s sharing of this very personal story with us, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends and most of all children and adult children of alcoholics will be moved through the emotions of her tears, laughter, hope and finally her healing process.

The reader, particularly those involved in a present or past relationship with an alcoholic should find it both a compelling and inspirational read.

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