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Goodbye Goody Two Shoes Goodbye Goody Two Shoes - A Corporate Satire
by Maryann F. Lenzi
Price: $21.95
Pages: 613
Format: Perfect Bound Paperback
ISBN: 0-9711898-2-X
Page Size: 6 x 9
Availability: Available Now
Categories: Corporate Satire
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Want a game plan on how to drive a company bankrupt? Want to meet the people that do it? Care what tactics they use to implement their task? Like to stir in some adult fantasy to make their antics all the more entertaining? Then welcome to the corporate satire - GOODBYE GOODY TWO SHOES.

In GOODBYE GOODY TWO SHOES meet S. A. Tanic, a corporate mogul who is a genius at seducing everyone under the sun; a giant who decides the time is right for the raping and pillaging of corporate America. Become acquainted with Screw Driver, the attorney, a man who makes his bossís, and his own, ideas happen. Say hello to Roberta Dahl, a beauty queen turned corporate wife; and Fem Fetale, a slut turned corporate executive; two women that are ready and eager to support these men in any way they can.

S. A. Tanic meets his match when he comes up against G. Goody Two Shoes, who fights evil every step of the way, first as a government agent and later as one of Tanicís employees. Goody is the only person smart enough to unearth Tanicís schemes as she works alongside her cohorts, Otto E. Thicks, a government big wig that likes to stick his nose into things, and Sham Goldberg, S. A.ís unwitting patsy.

GOODBYE GOODY TWO SHOES is set in the late 1970ís, in the metropolis of Power City, and revolves around Tanicís plan to take the countryís lone altruistic industry for all that itís worth. He amasses a conglomerate, buys off board members, bribes a President, and builds a university to train corporate mercenaries to help him. Goody fights back with her integrity, intelligence, and fortitude, while at the same time blossoming from an awkward college graduate into a sophisticated beauty in search of true romance.

Having served as a foot soldier on the front lines of corporate America for many years, Maryann Lenzi creates an enticing blend of business action, fantasy, romance, lust, symbolism, and just plain creativity.



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