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Submission Instructions
1. Be sure your manuscript conforms to our publishing guidelines.
2. Be sure your manuscript is copyedited and proofread.
3. Properly format your manuscript. Make any special notes regarding your manuscript on the last page of the Purchase Order form.
4. Prepare your descriptive summary text for the back cover of your book. You must create as a separate document from your manuscript and should contain the book descriptive summary and, optionally, the author’s short biography.
5. (Optional) Prepare a digital photograph for the author “head shot” to be inserted on the back cover adjacent to the author’s short biography. Be sure that your “head shot” photo meets the requirements described in our publishing guidelines

Note regarding steps 4 and 5:
The space on the back cover is limited and varies with the size of the book and font size used. For example, on a trade paperback with a 6” x 9” trim size, the descriptive summary is limited to approximately 300 words when using Times New Roman, 10-point font. Larger font size will reduce the number of words that will fit on the back cover.

Eliminating the optional author “head shot” slightly increases the amount of space available for the book descriptive summary.

Keep this space limitation in mind as you write your summary. Remember, your goal is to give the reader a reason to buy your book without telling the whole story.

6. Prepare your cover art if you are using exterior templates numbers 3, 4, or 5. Make any special notes regarding your cover art on the last page of the Purchase Order form.
7. Read and sign the Author Contract. Be sure to make a copy for yourself.
8. Complete the Purchase Order form. Please print clearly and keep a copy for yourself.
9. Mail the signed Author Contract along with the completed Purchase Order form and your check in the proper amount to the address shown on the Author Contract. Checks or money orders should be made payable to Beaver Publications, Inc.
10. Submit your manuscript as an attachment to an e-mail sent to
11. Once we receive your completed agreement, payment, and manuscript, we will assign you an Author ID number. We will send your Author ID number to the e-mail address indicated on your submission form. This e-mail will also contain instructions for you to submit your back cover information.
12. Follow the instructions in the e-mail and submit your back cover information. Upon receipt of this information, we will begin the process of converting your documents into a perfect-bound trade paperback.
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