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Bang, Bang You're Dead Bang, Bang You're Dead
by Amber Place
Price: $15.95
Pages: 292
Format: Perfect Bound Paperback
ISBN: 0-9711898-3-8
Page Size: 6 x 9
Availability: Available Now
Categories: General Fiction, Murder
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For Amanda Corrigan, the voluptuous blonde Chief Financial Officer of the Philadelphia Medical Center, being fired from her prestigious job was an earth-shattering event. One that she relived, in one way or another, every day for the last year-and-a-half. Amanda just couldn’t let go of the memories – the prestige, the power, and all of the money that she no longer controlled or earned. And all because of a merger with the Harrisburg General Corporation.

Amanda’s husband urged her to move forward with her life – to accept what had happened and maybe act like a real wife for a while.

But for Amanda Corrigan, the only way to achieve closure was to find a new job or get even with her old employer. When she couldn’t get work, she got revenge.




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