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Due to scheduling conflicts, we are not currently providing any new authors with publishing services at this time.
Check back soon to see when our schedule clears. Thank you for visiting Beaver Publications.

Beginning in December 2005, some exciting changes started at Beaver Publications. We joined the growing ranks of firms offering Print-On-Demand (POD) publishing services. That means we are able to offer hopeful authors the ability to get their books into print with a relative ease of process and at a rate that is affordable.

Beaver Publications has the ability to offer a host of trade paperbacks. This includes novels, nonfiction works, autobiographies, memoirs, poetry and many other subject categories too numerous to mention.

Our company was founded in 2001. Books are manufactured and marketed by a third-party provider. Books are available to the general public through on-line offerings at, Barnes&, plus other on-line retailers. Books are also available by special order at bookstores.

Sales and services provided by Beaver Publications are to PA residents only.

Come and join the Beaver Publications family. Our goal is providing authors with an easy to produce, affordable, trade paperback.

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